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Right Now 40% OFF ALL BLUE garments for women and children!




All materials, production and delivery is

made in an environmentally friendly way

and according to ethical guidelines.


All our clothes are made in Sweden.


All fabric is made out of ECONYL 100%

regenerated nylon, created from repurposed

materials such as abandoned fishing nets

and other nylon waste.


In the fight for a cleaner and more ethical

clothing production we are also

contributing to the cleanup of our nature

and oceans.



All our clothes are designed for an optimal

fit and to suit different types of activity.


The fabrics we use are developed to work as

good for physical activities as for the beach

and in the water.


Our vision is that everyone, regardless of

body size, should feel comfortable in

our clothes.


All clothes are made to order which creates

an unique opportunity for customization.



Our collections are equally suitable for

the gym, for running, for dancing, for yoga

or for a day at the beach.


With our clothes we want to inspire to an

active and green lifestyle, with respect for

nature, people and the animals around us.



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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